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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  March 9, 2015 11:34pm-12:37am EDT

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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- chris hemsworth sienna miller musical guest, joey badass
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and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 193. >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very, very much. look at you guys. hey, welcome, welcome. that feels good. thank you so much, welcome. welcome to "the tonight show," everybody. you're here. this is what it's all about. it's a hot show tonight. here's what people are talking about. this is pretty big.
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the pentagon had to shut down some of its twitter accounts yesterday, because it was hacked by isis. yeah. or more likely someone at the pentagon tweeted a picture of their junk and now they're blaming isis. [ laughter and applause ] we got hacked pretty bad. more trouble for obama. many republicans are criticizing the president for staying at the white house instead of joining the other 40 world leaders at the anti-terror march in paris on sunday. which explains why french people are now referring to american cheese as freedom cheese. [ laughter and applause ] that's not the name of it. it's not going to help anything. and after days after mitt romney announced that he is considering a 2016 presidential campaign, his former running mate, paul ryan, announced yesterday that he will not run. ryan said he won't say who he'll support, he just wants the best man for the jeb -- job. [ laughter ] best man for the job. what did i say? yes, job.
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[ laughter ] sorry about that. >> steve: i'm bushed. >> jimmy: yeah. [ laughter ] tired, tired. i'm tired. i'm tired. not bushed. this isn't good. during a recent speech, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren said that big banks have helped rig the economy against working people. banks are like, that's not true, we also screwed a lot of unemployed people too. [ laughter ] i mean, fair is fair. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: we even charged them a getting screwed fee. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: this is a crazy story. i saw that a woman in montana gave birth to extremely rare identical triplets last month. identical triplets. yeah. then god said, my fault, still learning how to use this printer. i'm sorry, it's new. it's a new printer so i've just got to figure it out. you know when you press print and it doesn't happen, so you do it again? [ laughter ] that's right, a woman in montana gave birth to identical triplets named milo, cade, and ian. or otherwise known in school as
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hey, guys. [ laughter ] i know you milo. yeah, i know. you're milo. you're cade. you're cade of course and ian is always in the middle. [ laughter ] here's some good news though, i heard that 15 states across the country have gas prices that have dipped below $2. [ cheers and applause ] which means it's now cheaper to buy a gallon of liquefied dinosaurs than one cup of coffee at starbucks. if you think about it. [ applause ] liquefied dinosaurs. >> steve: dino juice. >> jimmy: some tech news. i read that virgin media is developing a 3-d printed wristband that can sense when the user is falling asleep and automatically record whatever they're watching on tv. you know, so that way you can catch up on everything that bored you to sleep. it's like, oh yeah, i didn't like that. [ applause ] i didn't like that show. i saw that fortune magazine released it's second annual list of extreme new foods yesterday, which includes taco bell's quesarito.
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which is a burrito wrapped in a a quesadilla. also they have tim horton's buffalo crunch doughnut. you know what that is? a doughnut crusted with chips that you dunk in buffalo sauce. get ready. then there's something -- that's like nothing. >> steve: that's nothing. >> jimmy: compared to what arby's has to offer. >> steve: what does arby's have? >> jimmy: arby's meat mountain. have you ever heard of this? i'm not making this up. arby's meat mountain has chicken tenders, turkey, ham, corned beef, brisket, steak, roast beef and bacon. all those things are on the list. or as it's also know in colorado, "the food pyramid." [ applause ] they legalized it, and now it's all. >> steve: you got to be this high to order it. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you want to get a a pizza for dessert? >> steve: yeah, man.
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>> jimmy: this is pretty embarrassing, you guys. last night on one of our favorite shows, "the bachelor" was on. this girl. you guys watch the bachelor? [ cheers ] we love it. we love it. well this girl named jillian got a little bit too eager at the rose ceremony, when bachelor chris soules offered a a rose to a different girl named julia. [ audience aws ] check this out. ♪ >> julia. julia. [ bleep ] sorry. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: there you go. first of all, yeah. first of all he says it weird. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: he's like ju-julia. i think he had like a hair ball or something. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: julia. [ choking ] they all kind of walk for a a second. they all are like, is that me? did he just say gloria? [ choking ] then though you got to hear --
11:41 pm
listen to her -- after she slips she's fine. after she says -- listen to her laugh, watch this. ♪ >> julia. julia. [ bleep ] sorry. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, you said julia, i thought you said flipper. [ laughter ] [ imitates dolphin ] i have two roses left, but let's just skip to one rose left. and finally, this is pretty interesting. a new research suggests that men who regularly post selfies
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are more likely to have psychopathic tendencies. while women who regularly post selfies are more likely to be a a kardashian. [ laughter ] we have a great show, give it up for the roots, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hey, everybody. >> steve: come on. >> jimmy: we have a big week of shows coming up tomorrow night, gwyneth paltrow and josh gad will be here. [ cheers and applause ] then later this week, kevin hart is stopping by. and we're going to play a game of slap jack, me and kevin. plus, we have megan trainor, brian williams, and victoria justice to round out the week. big week. [ applause ] but what a fun show we have tonight. i love all of our guests tonight. as i do every night. [ light laughter ] tonight, we, first of all, we have the sexiest man alive,
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chris hemsworth is here. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: he is worth his harem. >> jimmy: yeah he's just cuddling up, snuggling up for the cameras. >> steve: yeah. hems worth it. >> jimmy: that's right. hemsworth. [ laughter ] he's a good dude. man, we love that guy. he's in that new michael mann movie, "black hat." >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: which is a cyber crime. >> steve: cyber crime. very mysterious. >> jimmy: hackers. >> steve: they wear black hats. >> jimmy: well yeah -- no. they don't. >> steve: oh no? >> jimmy: they're called blackhats. >> steve: they're called blackhats. >> jimmy: yes. >> steve: yes. because of their hats. its darker than normal. >> jimmy: nope. technically don't wear a hat at all. >> steve: they don't wear any hats. that's why they call them black hats. >> jimmy: no, no. it's not true, the term, there's white hats and black hats. white hat is if you're doing it to help security. >> steve: yes. >> jimmy: and then black hats are illegal. >> steve: illegal. illegal. they're illegal. >> jimmy: criminal intent. >> steve: yes. criminal intent hat. >> jimmy: yeah. but then -- [ laughter ] okay. but this is a michael mann
11:44 pm
movie. >> steve: okay. michael mann. >> jimmy: with chris hemsworth, so explosions and things, and they're just going out to just blow up stuff. it's insane. it's really, really good. i am going to challenge him to a game of water war later in the show. [ cheers and applause ] if he's man enough. if he's michael mann enough. >> steve: then you'll wear a a wet hat. >> jimmy: no. there's no hats involved. plus, guys, she's one of my favorite people. she's never been on the show. >> steve: really? >> jimmy: she's a great -- she's fantastic. she was amazing in "foxcatcher." >> steve: yes. >> jimmy: which is nominated for a golden globe, academy awards. whenever they nominate that. please. it's going to be. she's in "american sniper" opposite bradley cooper and she knocks it out of the park. and she's on the cover of vogue. look at my pal. sienna miller. [ cheers and applause ] sienna miller, couldn't be more fun human being. >> steve: no. >> jimmy: and we're going to get to hang out with her, because she's going to be in new york for a while. >> steve: really? >> jimmy: right. she's taking over for
11:45 pm
emma stone in cabaret. >> steve: is she really? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: yeah. sienna miller in the house. that's my girl, man. oh my goodness. i'm so psyched she's here. and this guy, we had him on "late night," right? >> steve: yes. >> jimmy: was he still in high school? >> steve: yes. >> jimmy: he wasn't allowed to go out and be a famous rapper yet, because his mom yelled at him, and said, you have to finish high school, buddy. he was like, why? but he's amazing. people are like, what am i supposed to do, but he listened to his mom, finished high school, right? >> steve: yeah. that's right. >> jimmy: he's out of high school now. joey badass is here, you guys. >> steve: come on. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's his twin brother. >> steve: careful. that's his twin brother? >> jimmy: that's his twin brother there. >> steve: larry badass? >> jimmy: no. the more peaceful, joey. joey nice guy. >> steve: yeah. joey nice guy. joey goodass. >> jimmy: joey goodass. [ laughter ] speaking of joey goodass, chris hemsworth is here. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: oh, yeah! >> jimmy: he almost won joey goodass last year.
11:46 pm
he's so -- he is fantastic, though, we love him. guys it's time to take a look at the stories making headlines today and weigh the good with the bad, it's time for pros & cons. here we go. ♪ tonight we'll be taking a look at the pros and cons of having a self-driving car. this is the big story at last week's consumer electronics show. more and more companies are making cars that can drive all by themselves. you can just sit in the back seat and cruise around. yeah. so let's take a look at the pros and cons of having a a self-driving car. here we go. pro -- it allows you to eat, talk on the phone or even apply make-up while driving. con -- so basically what you're already doing. [ laughter and applause ] it's just, easy adjustment. just keep doing what you're doing. you just won't get in an accident. >> steve: tiny change. >> jimmy: pro -- ford will make one for customers with small budgets. con -- lamborghini will make one for customers with small penises. [ laughter ] >> steve: really?
11:47 pm
>> jimmy: lot of options. >> steve: lot of options. >> jimmy: everyone's doing it. pro -- seeing a car go by with no one in the driver's seat. con -- looking closer and realizing it's just kim jung-un driving. i couldn't really see him, yeah. >> steve: he's a very small man. >> jimmy: he should sit on some phone book or something. >> steve: he should sit on two phone books. >> jimmy: maybe two or three phone books. >> steve: maybe four. >> jimmy: maybe four and three quarters. >> steve: because he's a a foreign leader. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: maybe just sit on un book. [ laughter ] i'm sorry, and i jong? >> steve: yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: pro -- not having to steer can free your hands up to perform other important tasks. con -- like giving people two middle fingers at once. [ laughter ] yeah. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: show 'em who's boss. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: show 'em who the smart person is in the argument. >> steve: yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: pro -- asking the car to drive you to the place you and your wife had your first date. con -- hearing the car respond, "it's time to move on, gary. she did." [ laughter ]
11:48 pm
love hurts. pro -- watching your car turn left after you say, take me to walmart. con -- watching your car turn off a a bridge after the radio plays "take me to the river." [ laughter ] >> steve: get rid of the billy bass! >> jimmy: love lift me up where we belong. [ laughter ] love will life me up where we belong! pro -- hooking up in the back seat. con -- getting a speeding ticket after the car thinks it's being told to go faster, faster. [ laughter ] >> steve: as long as it only goes 68. >> jimmy: pro -- [ laughter ] it's led to sweeping changes in the automotive world. con -- "car and driver" magazine is now just called "car." it's very simple elegance. and finally, pro -- the latest most advanced model is the audi a-7. con -- the earliest models were the dodge death box, the toyota turn bitch turn, and the honda holy hell get me out of this thing. there you go. [ applause ] those are the pros and cons of
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having a self-driving car. we'll be right back with chris hemsworth. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ my tempur-pedic made me fall
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: not only is our first guest the sexiest man alive, he also stars in the new movie "blackhat" which opens in theaters everywhere on friday. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome chris hemsworth. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: chris hemsworth, how are you? >> not bad. >> jimmy: please, welcome. thank you. thank you so much for coming back to the show i appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> jimmy: we like the new haircut. [ cheers ] >> thank you. i love what you got going on. >> jimmy: exactly, yeah. we always e-mail each other what haircuts we're getting. yeah, yeah, exactly. [ laughter ] congrats on this, as "sexiest man alive." this is something else. this is unbelievable right
11:54 pm
there. [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah. thank you. >> jimmy: do you get any perks? does that mean anything besides this? this is a big honor right here. but do you get anything like -- >> yeah, yeah. lots. free parking. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: is that right? you don't have to pay for parking? >> i just drive straight in, just park in front of other cars, if you want to. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: park on the sidewalk, it doesn't matter. >> it doesn't even matter. free breadsticks. [ laughter ] >> no. >> jimmy: that's only at olive garden. i know what happened there. when you're there you're family. >> and pizza hut. and pizza hit. i don't have to pay taxes, that's a bonus. >> jimmy: do your friends ride you on this and just make fun of you? >> yes, probably did me more harm than good to be honest with you. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's a good burn though. >> i thought it was going to give me a bit of leeway around the house, it was straight back to the nappies and the dishes and usual. >> jimmy: yeah, your girl's like yeah -- no, yeah, get over it sexiest man alive. yeah, go clean up after the kids. >> yeah. >> jimmy: we had your brother on not to long ago right before the holidays. we had fun with him. he was here, liam. we were walking around in high heels. [ laughter ] we were wearing high heels. >> what are you guys get up to, what's going on here? >> jimmy: you know, someone just on the internet wanted to
11:55 pm
see what he would look like in high heels, we put on some high heels and walked around. i mean that was uh -- >> wow, he looks quite comfortable in those things. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, he does. he actually was pretty good at it. no one would make fun of him for that? >> no. we used to do it as kids. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah. >> didn't everybody? isn't that the norm. >> jimmy: i did that. yeah. yeah. >> yeah, it was fun. >> jimmy: well actually i just used to smoke my dad's pipe and arm wrestle people, but same thing almost. [ laughter ] >> and really tough guys and stuff. >> jimmy: similar, to high heels i guess yeah. >> watch the bar, stuff like that. yeah, yeah, break things. throw it at each other. >> jimmy: beer chugging, things like that. >> yeah, yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: but then i saw this photo, it's all over the internet. this is your brother, he got his nails painted or something like that? >> yeah. >> jimmy: what is he doing? i'm going to ride him -- >> yeah, right. >> jimmy: oh no, i'm going to ride him like later on. [ laughter ] no, no, no. i'm going to ride him like make fun of him when he comes on the show. >> that's my brother. you should. we just paint each other's nails as well, i guess. >> jimmy: no, no, what is the story behind that? >> well that was us painting
11:56 pm
each other's nails, yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no, you did not. >> no we didn't. my daughter and my nieces painted everybody's nails. so i actually had my nails painted as well, around christmastime. >> jimmy: oh, is that right? >> yeah, yeah, that's what happens when you get a bunch of young girls together, they put lipstick on you, paint your face and paint your nails. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah. yeah. no. >> jimmy: i have that to look forward to. >> you got it coming. you have two girls, right? >> jimmy: i've got two girls. >> one of the perks. >> jimmy: unlimited breadsticks and you get your nails done? >> and manicures, yeah. i was trying to talk to higgins about this, about your new movie this weekend. "blackhat." >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: now "blackhat", michael mann, first of all he knows how to do the action movies. >> yeah. >> jimmy: well "blackhat" is a a cyber crime, like a hacker or cracker. right? >> yes. yeah, absolutely. >> jimmy: i did my homework on this. >> you did didn't you. i heard you before, your pitch is pretty good. >> jimmy: thank you. yeah. yeah. >> you actually had black hat hackers who are criminals. and then white hat hackers who work in defense and security section. >> jimmy: yeah, like a white
11:57 pm
hat, if i'm right about this would be someone that worked for ibm or somebody like that, that you'd pay to hack your system. >> yeah, in order to find vulnerabilities in that system. >> jimmy: right. black hats are the guys that get in there and want to mess things up for fun. >> yeah, steal things. >> jimmy: blow things up and -- >> havoc, yeah. >> jimmy: and it's crazy. who's the other lead guy in there with you? >> lee hom wang. he's a huge star. he's like the justin timberlake of asia. >> jimmy: i've never heard of justin timberlake, what is he like -- [ laughter ] >> he is a little small independent dance -- >> jimmy: i'm just kidding we paint each other's nails. [ laughter ] >> we should all get together. >> jimmy: but basically, can you explain. that's kind of what this film is about. you're a criminal? >> yeah. >> jimmy: that they pull out. >> so yeah, basically, there's a group of criminals who's out there, creating all sorts of havoc and blowing up nuclear power plants, and what have you, fire hacking and codes and such. the government pulled myself out of prison, who is a a convicted hacker, for my
11:58 pm
assistance and my wisdom on hacking and what have you, and we try to hunt this guy down. it becomes a detective story, he who did it, why, motives, et cetera. it's classic michael mann style full of energy and detail. >> jimmy: and explosions and fun, yeah. did you have to research -- did you go to prison at all? no. >> we did, actually. >> jimmy: what was that like? >> it was interesting, yeah. i hadn't been before and -- [ laughter ] nice to see something new. >> jimmy: it's a little eye opening? >> yeah, we went to two different prisons. >> what did you expect when you walk in? maybe it won't be as -- it will be elvis presley. people will be singing songs and stuff? went to a party and -- this is fun man. >> i naively thought i was going to go in and do a little character study, and it was going to be fun, but -- >> jimmy: they wouldn't know who you are maybe? >> yeah, i thought i would kind of breeze right through. >> i come off shooting "thor" so i had a blonde ponytail.
11:59 pm
that kind of stood out. >> jimmy: yeah, a giant man with a blonde ponytail walking through. >> i didn't think but they'd seen "thor." and i immediately walking down either side of the cells was just getting heckled. like, "yo, thor's here, man what are you doing?" >> jimmy: "no, i think that's trace adkins man. i love trace adkins." [ laughter ] >> "get over here." >> jimmy: thor's here, oh my gosh. >> a couple of aggressive invitations into there cell. >> jimmy: i would have started crying immediately. "just paint my nails, let me get out of here!" [ laughter ] >> and i had painted nails, you're right. >> jimmy: oh my gosh. you do a great job in this. we have a clip, here's chris hemsworth in "blackhat." it's out this weekend. take a look at this. ♪ >> wait. why are you here? who are you? [ grunting ]
12:00 am
>> watch out. >> jimmy: that's what i'm talking about right there. that's what i'm talking about. this weekend at the theater, you can see that, "blackhat." stick around, chris hemsworth and i are playing water war when we get back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ i've just arrived in atlanta and i can't wait to start telling people how switching to geico could save them hundreds of dollars on car insurance. but first, my luggage. ahh, there it is.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ great rates for great rides.
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geico motorcycle, see how much you could save. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: everybody, we have chris hemsworth right here. chris hemsworth -- [ cheers and applause ] big movie out this weekend. "black hat" check it out. we're about to have a little water war. we're going to play the card game war, but if you lose the hand, you get a pint of water in the face. [ audience oohs ] we each have five glasses of water. the first to throw all five glasses on their opponent wins and gets to water cannon the loser. [ audience ohs ] >> hey. >> jimmy: yeah, that's what i'm talking about right there. >> put a hole in the wall. >> jimmy: it's alright. i didn't think it was gonna be -- that aggressive. i hope i don't lose. lots of ways to get wet, only one way to win. chris, are you ready? >> i'm ready man. are you ready? we played once before a game. >> jimmy: is that right? >> i believe i won.
12:06 am
>> jimmy: i forgot all about that. i had it removed from my brain. i got that part of my brain replaced. [ light laughter ] on how to win at war. >> oh yeah? >> jimmy: yeah, here we go. >> let's put it back. >> jimmy: one, two, flip. [ laughter ] what does your arm reach? just so i can see, yeah. [ laughter ] you can't -- [ laughter ] ah, so good to have you here on the show. come all the way from los angeles. >> i came here in good spirits. came here in good spirits. >> jimmy: and we're very happy you're here. >> let's go. >> jimmy: i hope you come back. [ laughter ] ready, one, two, three -- [ cheers ] >> ah, what a shame. you know jimmy, i want to say one thing, it's -- [ laughter ] [ applause ]
12:07 am
>> jimmy: you sure you trust this? maybe i stacked the deck. >> i trust you. >> jimmy: okay, one, two, three. ah! [ cheers ] >> yes. >> jimmy: oh, man. >> yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. >> jimmy: it's really really -- honestly, thanks so much for coming on. >> i just want to say -- >> jimmy: i love you in "thor." [ laughter ] you were great. [ cheers and applause ] >> i was in the second one. >> jimmy: that was pretty warm. that was a little too warm. you sure that was water? i don't know what that was. yeah, okay. here we go, are you ready? >> i'm ready. get rid of that. here we go. >> jimmy: one -- my acting. [ laughter ] one, two, three. [ grunts ] yes! >> nah! [ shouting ] >> jimmy: i kinda missed you
12:08 am
there. one, two, three. right, ace wins? >> i'm not sure. >> jimmy: ace is high. [ cheers ] >> that wasn't bad. >> jimmy: not too shabby. here we go, man. one, two, three. [ laughter ] you really lost -- oh, my gosh, yeah. just in case there. oh my gosh. can i say one thing? >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: my favorite part, spoler alert, the end of "black hat" is when he gets water right in the face. here we go. one, two, three. [ laughter ] you swapped the deck and everything, oh, my gosh. and now you swab the deck, there you go.
12:09 am
boo-yah. oh, my goodness. fantastic. chris hemsworth everybody. [ cheers and applause ] "black hat" is in theaters everywhere on friday. sienna miller -- ready? here we go man. [ cheers and applause ] that's what i'm talking about right there. ♪ ♪ it's back, olive garden's buy one take one, starting at $12.99. start tonight with our mouth-watering garlic breadsticks, freshly tossed signature salad, and your choice of irresistible entrees, like new citrus chicken sorrento. then choose another delicious dish to take home for tomorrow, like cavatappi with asiago garlic alfredo. go for dinner tonight and take home another entrée for later. it's double the delicious.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we're joined right now by a talented actress who is earning critical praise for her performance opposite bradley cooper in the new clint eastwood film "american sniper." which opens nationwide this friday. please welcome the luminous, siena miller, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
12:15 am
>> jimmy: siena miller. hey, oh my gosh. i'm so happy my to see you. >> i'm sorry it's so weird to be interviewed, yeah, by you. we go way back. >> jimmy: a long time. this is now officially, this is the last time we have been seen on camera, but before this scene, we were in a film together -- >> yes we were. >> jimmy: called "factory girl." and thank you, hold your applause because this is the -- >> thanks, guys. straight to radio, that one. >> jimmy: right to radio -- here's us, just two film actors right there just sitting on the stoop. [ audience aws ] >> look at your socks. >> jimmy: you can tell which one is the movie star and who's not, yeah. i do have crazy socks. then, oh yeah, here's me, of course, by the end of the movie, i had blonde hair. [ laughter ] >> can we just talk about that? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it's close to blonde. >> it was the worst category
12:16 am
the worst dye job i have ever seen. >> jimmy: it's close to blonde though, right? >> i remember being in the makeup trailer and you literally being like, "is this a joke?" because you had these orange roots -- >> jimmy: i think what happened, the -- person did the hair on the movie, but -- >> wait, there's more, there's more. >> jimmy: i think she didn't really care about me as much as everyone else cause your hair looked great, there's me again with -- [ laughter ] orange glow halo around my head. and just took everyone out of the movie. >> they had so many incarnations, this hairdoo almost should have its credit it like jimmy's head -- >> jimmy: did it change a lot? >> it stole the show -- yeah. you can see it was like 800 different different orange -- >> jimmy: it was -- 50 shades of orange which by the way i'm sure it's on dvd right now. but i -- i remember doing that, and everyone -- you were trying to be cool about it, and you're like, "oh, yeah, it's fine, it's great." and it was just like telling me it was awful. thank you for doing that. gosh we had so much fun man.
12:17 am
>> we had so much fun. >> jimmy: we stayed together in like a marriott. >> the marriott residence inn in -- shreveport. we all lived in the same marriott residence inn. >> we each had these little huts, you remember, like someone would be on the top. >> jimmy: just like who wants to -- who's having dinner? >> he's having dinner. we had fireplaces and i decked mine out with bed, bath & beyond. i think we got -- >> yeah looked -- yours looked super cool cause i learned that you knew how to roast chicken. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. i made roast chicken, yeah. >> jimmy: i was like, "how do you know how to do this?" i'm going to bring over ramen soup. ramen soup night. ramen noodles -- boiling noodles was my night. >> and then in fact, you remember the car park? there was -- the rocking rodeo? >> jimmy: yes, oh, the karaoke -- >> karaoke and line dancing which was literally our idea of heaven. >> jimmy: and jagermeister. >> and jager -- oh my god. i feel like they just start -- was that like a new thing? like a jager bomb. i feel like they just -- >> jimmy: that was a new thing -- >> like jager bombs haven't been around for 20 years. years, like 10 years ago, that's when the jager bombs -- >> jimmy: ten years ago, oh my
12:18 am
gosh. >> that's fun talking about. >> jimmy: it was so much fun, gosh, gosh, gosh please. and now i see your beautiful little baby girl back there. we both have babies now and kids but she is -- >> you've got a tiny one. >> jimmy: i've got uber tiny one. yeah. she's an uber driver. she's an uber driver -- she's driving uber, you got to work, man. i worked when i was a kid. >> yeah. >> jimmy: so -- gosh, she's adorable, little marlowe. she gave me five and she had crackers -- she had a cracker in and was like, "hi." and like smashed the cracker. >> the whole dressing room is like covered in crackers and cheese. >> jimmy: i didn't mind. she's just the cutest thing i've ever seen. congratulations. >> thanks buddy. >> jimmy: and i saw "foxcatcher" and i go, i always love when i see on film, i go man -- you just again, just knock it out of the park, and then "american sniper." wow, this is an amazing movie. i'm so -- like -- it comes out this weekend. clint eastwood was he cool. >> he's such a dude. >> jimmy: he's a stud right? >> he's a stud. he's like, everything you'd hoped and more. >> jimmy: yeah, he like looked at me -- >> and i'm pregnant. and every morning he was like, "morning fatty."
12:19 am
[ laughter ] he's like -- there's nothing like clint eastwood calling you fat. >> jimmy: he's such a good guy. but this one was like -- man i -- the opening scene of you in this film, it reminded me of "top gun," where tom cruise and kelly mcgillis, where he goes up to her and they're all trying to sing, "you lost that lovin' feeling." >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: that's your first appearance of you and i'm like, oh, that's sienna right there." and just -- i took, i didn't know it was you for a second. so good, charming and cool, and i just -- and this is a real person you're playing? >> keep it coming. >> jimmy: i know, i'm sorry. i'm laying it on too thick. i'm laying it on too thick. but i haven't seen you in -- no this is -- i mean, you're playing a real person. >> yeah a real person who's an amazing, amazing cool woman. and it's a really sad story, but we had a lot of fun. i mean i know you had bradley talking about it too. >> jimmy: yeah we talked -- we had bradley cooper on the show, and he's amazing -- >> several times -- >> jimmy: he's a buddy of the show. >> trying to keep him away, yeah. "hey, jimmy, can i come in again?" [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no, we love him. man, we invite him all the
12:20 am
time, but yeah, we always get giggling because he comes on, we have these serious movies. we like to joke around. >> yeah. >> jimmy: cause you know, "hangover" we joked around when you have that. but then we were just serious when we got to be serious and i start the giggles. and we started laughing, man, he just -- it's just an intense film, and this guy, the snipers out there, this character played chris, shot it was between 140 and 150 -- >> i think 160 confirmed kills or something. it's an insane amount and you know, it's a really, it's something that he really struggled with, i think he would be happier with the number of lives he saved, versus people talking about the amount he killed but he was a a really prolific sniper and you know, struggled of being a a navy seal and trying to balance the home life, and it seemed like when he was at home, there were people dying that he could have saved. and so -- >> jimmy: you got to see it, it's intense, it's beautifully shot. and you just knock it out of the park again. i want to show you a clip. here's sienna miller and bradley cooper, in "american sniper" opening nationwide this friday. check it out. >> you want to die? is that what it is?
12:21 am
>> no. >> then just tell me. tell me why you do it? i want to understand. >> babe, i do it for you, you know that, i do it to protect you. >> no, you don't. >> yes i do. >> i'm here. you're family is here, your children have no father. >> i'm allowed to serve my country. >> you don't know when to quit. you did your part. we sacrificed enough, you let somebody else go. >> let somebody else go? >> yeah. >> well i couldn't -- >> yeah well you find a way. you have to. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i don't know -- it's tricky, i don't know how you do it. >> it's my crying face. >> jimmy: no, have you a a beautiful crying face. i have a bad crying face -- >> everyone goes straight -- >> jimmy: now, we've known each other for a long time, and so you wanted to play water war. >> i feel left out of the -- you know the fun.
12:22 am
>> jimmy: yeah, well, i will let you throw a glass of water at me. >> you will? >> jimmy: yes, of course. you kidding me? >> thanks jimmy. >> jimmy: no problem. >> it's warm, right? >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. >> when do i do it? ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: so -- oh my god. [ cheers and applause ] i can't even see. it went up my eyelids. it went up my eyelids. that is real, that's fake -- not so funny. oh, my gosh. [ cheers and applause ] thanks to sienna miller. "american sniper" opens friday. don't miss it. stick around, everybody. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
12:23 am
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: this is actually really exciting, i'm so excited about this. our next guest made his tv debut on our "late night" show back in 2012 when he was just 17 years old. tonight's he's here to perform the song, "like me", from his debut album, "b4.da.$$" which will be out january 20th. so buy it right now. what ever you got to do to support this guy. you can preorder it, whatever you got to do, support this guy, he's so good, man. a little help from
12:28 am
b.j. the chicago kid and the roots. please welcome, joey bada$$! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ yeah one time b.j two times where you at ♪ roots yeah ♪ ♪ before the money ya'll check it out ♪ ♪ if looks could kill i let the swank drill like a deadly weapon ♪ ♪ i drop bombs on an enemy at any second look at me wrong i turn you to tombstone ♪ ♪ lock you in the crosshairs and you gone ♪ ♪ then i throw my deuce up sip sangoritas with your senoritas like me gusta ♪ ♪ see what that early morning cock will do up to ya rooster i bet my cockyness ♪ ♪ will boost her confidence then you gone wonder where your highness went ♪ ♪ i bet she get low for a brother like me she get low for a brother like me i bet she get low ♪ ♪ for a brother like me
12:29 am
♪ so we burn the mary jane to the third degree some brothers biting flows yo that's burglary ♪ ♪ same brothers actin like they never heard of me yo punk suckers could get clocked ♪ ♪ yo thats word to me ♪ i bet she get low for a brother like me yeah she get low for a brother like me ♪ ♪ put them on the floor for a brother like me ♪ ♪ yo my mind boggles when time toggles in an ocean of stars it's hard to find goggles ♪ ♪ we twisted up so we put it in the air dont let the j's start unravelin ♪ ♪ we gettin blown like a javelin she throw it back like she time traveling ♪ ♪ rocked the boat so well she jumped out and started paddling i'm screaming land ho ♪ ♪ bought to hit fo' show i motor boat it slow then i ripped the flow i'm pretty sho ♪ ♪ like nice beaches that even at my weakest ♪ ♪ i still leave them speechless how you like those peaches ♪ ♪ find me rotting the apple bottom bum so plump bought to lock in the grapple feelin like the highest ♪ ♪ man about to tackle facts like the chat under
12:30 am
the cap of a snapple cats get decapitated ♪ ♪ for actin a fool blacks get they backs sprayed just for makin a move ♪ ♪ that's why we get high and say f the police ♪ ♪ that's why we get high and say f the police ♪ ♪ that's why we get high and say f the police ♪ ♪ cause everytime i make a move they be sweatin me they want another black man in penitentiary ♪ ♪ it's even hard for that man standing next to me cause he can catch a bullet that was ♪ ♪ really meant for me it's like every step bring me close to destiny ♪ ♪ and every breath i get closer to the death of me i'm just trying to carry out my own legacy ♪ ♪ but the place i call home aint it lettin me ♪ ♪ cause you cant get by if you don't respect a og you can't get by if you don't respect a og ♪ ♪ you can't get by if you don't respect a og respect before da money ♪ ♪ cause every corner i turn a brothers testin me and every morning i mourn just for the less of me ♪ ♪ sometimes i ask the lord why he be blessing me and not my brothers who's souls now rest in peace ♪
12:31 am
♪ i pray there's hope for brother like me like me ♪ ♪ hope for a brother like me just pray there's hope for a brother like me ♪ ♪ i'm something like the chairman of the board ranting i feel invincible like mcmahon one of the last ♪ ♪ original mcs that's left standing on the planet strike like a meteor do remedial damage ♪ ♪ dammit cats can't stand it get they asses handed and branded by the lyric ill new york city bandit ♪ ♪ true warrior like rembrandt yo some cats claim they fly but really been landed ♪ ♪ i really can't stand it yo let me take a seat this where rosa park her bum now make some room for me ♪ ♪ p.e. in your paper now you can read it and weep my old hoes call me now leave a message at the beep no ♪ ♪ i don't want to speak oh i don't wanna speak i don't want to speak no i don't wanna speak ♪ ♪ i just want to be i just wanna be i just want to be free ♪ ♪ i pray there's hope for a brother like me hope for a brother like me ♪ ♪ hope for a brother like me
12:32 am
i pray there's hope for a brother like me ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: joey bada$$ ladies and gentlemen. featuring the chicago kid. "b4.da.$$" the money is in stores january 20th. we'll be right back, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: my thanks to chris hemsworth, sienna miller, joey badass once again! [ cheers and applause ] b.j. the chicago kid, and the roots right there from philadelphia, ladies and gentlemen. they know what's up. stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers." thank you for watching. have a great night. i hope to see you tomorrow. thank you very much. killed it again, man. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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